Ah the internet. It is a wonderful tool for finding infinite amounts of information for both assessments and for fun, it is the home of the multiple social media websites that most of us are pretty much addicted to and not to mention you can find videos and funny memes at the drop of a hat. At uni, the internet is both a student’s best friend and worst enemy.

At UOW, especially if you live at one of its many accommodations, the internet provider everyone uses is Everywhere Internet. It’s pretty good, you can get many deals, the deal I pay for is $30 for 25GB per month. I use to pay the same amount for 10GB less until last year and it generally does last me the entire month. The service is good for the most part but it can be slow when everyone is logged on at the same time.

I use the internet to complete assessments, log on to the various blog websites that I have established blogs on, Facebook and other social and professional media websites, check emails and of course to watch videos of Scrubs, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Neighbours, Hot in Cleveland and my other favourite TV shows on YouTube whilst I both work and procrastinate at the same time.

We all know UOW provides wireless internet, although 3GB for an entire semester is nothing and you have to be either on campus or on campus accommodation to be able to use it. A plus side is that it can be used on iPhones, Smartphones and tablets and it can be your saviour when Everywhere Internet decides to play up.

As important as the internet is for all of us, it sometimes good and even vital for our health to get away from it for a little while. So as important as it is to get an assessment done and how great it is to be able to watch our favourite TV shows and movies and to download our favourite songs, it’s also important to turn the computer off and go outside and enjoy the beach, the sun and the finer things in life.

That being said, I guess you could say it is a bit rich of me to preach this to you when I’m writing this column on WordPress on my laptop.

This column originally appeared on Tertangala and can be found here. 


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