Week one of every session, no matter what year of study you are in is all about getting introduced into the subject, this usually includes going through the subject outline.

Subject outlines are the backbone and bible of every subject—they dictate your uni, professional and personal life. It is because of this that subject outlines make me feel better and make me nervous at the same time. I personally love having access to the subject outlines as I know what my life is going to be like for the next three months.

However it’s also for this reason that subject outlines make me nervous—I find out whether I have to do group work which generally makes my life hell, no matter how much the assessment weighs and what it actually involves, due to the fact that it’s not just my arse on the line but my classmate’s arses as well. I also find out how much my assessments weigh, if any of my assessments weigh 45 to 50 percent or more, I know I’m going to end up stressed out and screwed if I don’t at least pass.

This semester, I had one assessment task in all four subjects which was worth half of my final grade and three out of these four subjects involved group work for more than one assessment. If that wasn’t hard enough, most of my assessments were also due at the end of session. Yes it was a “fun” session (not!).

Whenever session starts, I download and print out the subject outline off Moodle. I then write down when my assessment tasks are due and put them in order of when they are due. I’ve found that this is the best way to figure out what my session is going to be like and when I’m going to be highly busy and highly stressed.  I put this list up on my wall as a constant reminder, once I submit these assessment tasks, I take great joy in crossing them off my list and off in the subject outline.

I think one of the many things I will miss about uni life will be subject outlines and the stability and organisation they provided me with over the years.


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