Every student copes with their uni work, assessments, exams, end of session and stress in general differently. In my years of observation, I have seen many different reactions from my friends, room mates and fellow students who lived at student accommodation with me. These reactions would vary from simple and harmless (and sometimes needed) procrastination to not eating or overeating, to drinking heavily, to not getting enough sleep and walking around like a zombie.

My way of working and coping was to watch DVDs while I did my work—I would have my Microsoft Word and/or Google Chrome window on the left side of the screen and the DVD player screen on the right side of the screen. Occasionally I would get weird looks as I was laughing at seemingly nothing to observers. Growing up with a father with very little hearing, I’m use to being surrounded in noise, I can’t deal with silence very well. Most people I knew found it a little odd, but after a while, they got use to it too and found it funny.

Another way I would cope with study was exercise—something I highly recommend. Living at Marketview, which is in the CBD and closer to the City Beach, I started to walk by the beach on a regular basis. This area has a great view, the ocean breeze would keep me cool and the footpath and route I would take was perfect. There is also free-to-use outdoor gym equipment, which saved me a gym fee, although the equipment was not as good and without fail there would always be kids playing on it, despite a playground being five feet away. I recommend exercise as it gets you out of your room or house, it keeps you healthy and clears your head.

Another way I would cope with study was hanging out with my friends. Hanging out with my friends to cope with study was a catch-22. You’re all in the same boat which means that you can be there for each other, but because you’re in the same boat and need to study, it’s harder to see and be there for each other. Despite how hard it is, make the time, your friends will always be there for you and a good meal and company is the best way to take your mind off things.

Once you graduate, you’ve got a whole life of work and life ahead of you, you don’t know where it is going to take you. This is a good and a bad thing, you need to learn how to cope with stress and enjoy the moments where you take a much-needed break. If you can find your own way of coping with uni, stress and life early, you’ll do just fine.


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